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Kirkebygging i Dilla

Desverre finnes ikke så mange skriftlige kilder om lokalhistorie i Etiopia. For noen år siden samlet svenske historikere endel informasjon om Etiopia. Dette finnes på hjemmesiden til Afrika Instituttet ved Uppsala Universitet. Som barn bodde jeg mange år i Dilla, derfra kan vi lese følgende historie om NLM misjonærer, også som som kirkebyggere:

NLM Mission work was started in an old former bar near the centre of the town. In late 1950 NLM could start using a large site in direction towards lake Abaya. It was situated only 20 metres from the limit of the town, so among the missionaries the site was popularly called 'Limit 20'. The first family dwelling was ready by mid-1951. By late 1960s there were 20 buildings. Including students there were then about 130 people living within the mission site.

There were no building experts involved. The first church collapsed twice in bad weather, but the third time it was more solidly constructed.

In 1950-1969 about 1,000 children passed throuugh the NLM primary school in Dilla. By the end of that period there were 7 Ethiopian and 2 Norwegin teachers. Students were generally given money for food and had to arrange their own households.